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Manual Candle Making Machine
Types of Manual Candle Making Machines


For all Manual Candle Making Machines (Candle Molding Machine), we have the following 2 types:
Type A: with candle moulds in 2 rows,
Type B: with candle moulds in 4-8 rows.
Besides, we have a Type C for producing Normal Lighting Candles (Straight Candles). It also has candle moulds in 4-8 rows, and a clamp for collecting the finished candles.
Pictures of these 3 types:

 Type A



 Type B



 Type C



With an Aluminium Clamp, Type C can highly increase the efficiency by collecting all finished candles at one time with the clamp. With Type A or Type B, you need to collect the finished candles one by one by hand. The clamp of Type C is made of Aluminum, instead of others in the market which are made of wood. Aluminum clamp is stronger, has longer working life, but still light in weight. 
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