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Textile Wax Ring Machine
Textile Wax Ring (Wax Roll) Machine

Textile Wax Ring Machine (Wax Roll Machine)

Here is a Video Clip on Youtube.com: http://www.youtube.com/v/HcYxhdq3eSs

Textile Wax Ring Making Machine

Textile Wax Ring, www.MakeCandle.cn    Wax Roll Making, www.MakeCandle.cn   Textile Wax Roll, www.MakeCandle.cn

Machine Specifications

Model # Outer Quantity Cycles Output Dimension
Diameter of per Qty L X W X H
(MM) Moulds Hour (PCS/Hour) (CM)
TRM38 38   3   140x50x85
TRM40 40   3   140x50x85
TRM43 43   3   140x50x85
TRM50 50   3   140x50x85
TRM60 60   3   140x50x85
TRM70 70   3   140x50x85


1. Inner hole can be round or square. Inner hole size can be customized.

2. The height of the wax roll can be adjustable from 15mm to 55mm, or be customized.

3. Other specifications and customization are available.


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