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Weihai Sunfed Trading Co., Ltd.
Address:  Room. 202, No. 51, Qingzhou Street, Weihai, Shandong, China.
Tel: +86-186-63100852
Fax: +86-631-5682692
Candle Molding Machine - Manual Machine
Candle Pressing Machine - Semi-automatic Machine
Hydraulic Candle Machine - Fully Automatic Machine
Candle Filling Machine and Production Line
Tea-light Candle Production Line - Fully Automatic
Candle Making Molds
Textile Wax Ring Machine
Wax Melter / Wax Melting Machine
Auxiliary Machinery for Candle Making
Candle Wick / Candlewick
Candle Wax
Candle Making Colors / Scents / Agents
Candle Making Technics

Sunfed Trading

We are a Professional manufacturer of Candle Making Machines and Candle Supplies in China. The candle machines produced by us are of high quality and at reasonable prices. With an Experience of over 30 years in making candles and over 20 years in making candle machines, we will be glad to have an opportunity to cooperate with you, and help you Success in this field.

We supply Candle Machines and Services with good Quality, characterized by the following Advantages:

1) Simple machine design, Easy to operate and maintain,
2) Durable machines, Long working life,
3) Good Production (candle) quality, …… (Details)

Manual Candle Machine Types
Normal Candle, Regular Candle, Household Candle
Pillar Candle Molding Machine
Spiral Candle Machine
Textile Wax Ring Machine
Votive Candle, Cup-shape Candle
Candle Filling Machine and Production Line
Hydraulic Candle Extruding Machine
Hydraulic Candle Pressing Machine for Pillar Candles and Ball Candles
Tealight Candle Pressing Machine and Production Line
Multi-function Candle Machine
Introduction - Manual Candle Machine
Types of Manual Candle Making Machines
Normal Lighting Candle Making Machine
Pillar Candle Making Machine
Spiral Candle Making Machine
Textile Wax Ring (Wax Roll) Machine
Setting up a Candle Factory with Manual Candle Machines
Video of Manual Candle Making Machine
Video - Automatic Candle Pressing Machine for Pillar an...
Video - Candle Extruding Machine, HEP-320A
Video - Candle Filling Machine, Automatic Candle Pourin...
Video of Automatic Tea-light Candle Production Line

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Weihai Sunfed Trading Co., Ltd.
                Address:  Room. 202, No. 51, Qingzhou Street, Weihai, Shandong, China.
                                    Tel: +86-631-5682692    Fax: +86-631-5682692    
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